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RMR Oil Mills is in groundnut and oil businesses for four generations. RMR brand name comes from the name of the proprietor R M Ramesh. In 1960, R Mariappan (father of R M Ramesh) started the business with groundnut and cold-pressed (vaghai wood pressed) edible oils. In 1980, R M Ramesh entered and took the business to new heights. He established the brand RMR in southern part of Tamil Nadu. Since 2012, C M R Cinnavelraj (son of R M Ramesh) is assisting his father in the business.

We produce and sell three varieties of Cooking Oils – Groundnut Oil, Gingelly/Sesame Oil, and Coconut Oil

Our Oil Extraction Method

We extract oils using traditional method called ‘Cold-pressed’ (vaghai wood press). Our focus is on two key things – First, the raw materials used for extraction of oil and second, the method of extraction itself.

Raw Materials:

  • Coconut free from sulphur, jaggery, cardamom (for Coconut Oil)
  • Sesame seeds, palm jaggery (for Gingelly/Sesame Oil)
  • First class high quality groundnuts free (for Groundnut Oil)

Production Process:

  • Extract oil from raw material using vaghai wood press
  • Extracted oil is allowed to get the sediments settle down and then filtered before packing (no chemical is used during this process)

Some facts on Cold-pressed oils

  • Cold-pressed oils are most nutritive and they have useful fatty acids and antioxidants.
  • When compared with refined oils, cold-pressed oils are expensive. This is due to the high quality seeds and less oil yield in cold-pressed extraction method.
  • Cold-pressed oils have a shorter shelf life (we guarantee for 6 months). Hence buy as you need.

Importance of COOKING OILS - Dr Sivaraman

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